Interior finishing by N&B

Interior Finishing

N&B Painting and Drywall contractors specialize in a wide range of interior painting services for both large and small jobs, commercial and residential. We are able to provide satisfaction and delight to all of our customers with quality workmanship, superior products and highest-quality service.

We pride ourselves on our high-level professionalism, with attention to details and clean work areas. Our painters are experienced and friendly. We work hard to give you not only the best results, but also the best personal experience. We guarantee your utmost satisfaction with our interior painting.

Interior painting is about a lot more than just brushing on color. We provide a complete set up, prep, application, and clean up service.

1.   Set Up

  • Move furniture and cover with plastic sheeting
  • Protect all flooring with drop cloths
  • Protect countertops, cabinets, railings, etc with drop cloth and plastic sheeting

2.   Preparation

  • Voids, holes, cracks, and imperfections filled and repaired
  • Other prep work specific to the customer’s outlined project scope

3.   Paint Application

  • Prime any imperfections and new construction surfaces for best paint adhesion
  • Apply quality products for a consistent professional finish

4.   Clean Up

  • Furniture and accessories are placed to original positions
  • Floors are cleaned
  • All project tools, equipment, and trash is removed from the site
  • Final inspection walk through

Wallpaper removal and wall covering installations

One of the best ways to give life to your walls of your home or office is to cover them with beautiful wall coverings. This is the 21st century, so your expectations about “wallpaper” may be quite different from the range of products and applications now available. There are many different patterns and colors to choose from. At N&B Painting and Drywall, Inc specialty interior painting services we offer our customers a full spectrum of wall coving services that include wallpaper removal, wall prep, sealing and installation.